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Six Months Later

“Camp Longridge exists to spread the Gospel of Christ through selfless service, innovative programming, and intentional relationships.”

2020 has given us the chance to live out this mission statement in ways we never expected. COVID-19 threw a wrench into how everyone saw 2020 going and we are no exception. Exciting plans for the summer were dashed as we cancelled our programmed weeks and shut our facilities down until 1 July. But, we didn’t stay stagnant waiting for July to come!

After making the decision to close down camp, our team met together to decide the best way to serve Camp Longridge while no one was here. We looked at the now open schedule and seized the opportunity to work on various projects a normal spring and summer would not have allowed time for. Some of those major projects we completed were renovating all our Lodge rooms and finishing our amphitheater.

Remaining busy with these projects helped the weeks pass quickly and before we knew it, July was here and we saw a flurry of activity with our summer staff, retreat groups, and placing the finishing touches on the amphitheater. It was evident that the Lord’s hand was over Camp Longridge with how we were graciously given the opportunity to run headlong into those last three weeks of summer. We praised God and glorified Him with serving groups, discipling our staff, and laying sod to complete the lakefront all while recognizing it is all for His glory.

Once the summer came to a close and we transitioned into our fall retreat season, we did see the continued effects of COVID-19. With the cancellations of more retreat groups, we were disheartened that we wouldn’t be seeing familiar faces until next autumn but were excited to continue to use this time to work on more projects. After an encouraging meeting with our board of directors, we started on these exciting projects. One of those is completely remodeling our cabin bathroom layout by expanding the bathroom area to create a more comfortable experience for our guests. We also are redesigning our website to a new, more modern format. With each project beginning, we are thankful for the Lord’s provision in resources and time to better Camp Longridge for His glory.

As we continue looking forward to the upcoming months, we are eager to reach out to our Camp Longridge family and let them know of all this wonderful news. Two ways that we’ve begun to do just that is with improving our online presence by updating our website and also by launching a blog. This blog will be a fun, interactive addition to the website that will let everyone know of the happenings of Camp Longridge!

We are planning to launch several different posts that will encompass everything and anything about your favorite place!  From the fun we have to how the Lord impacts lives, we want to write about it all.  But, we can’t just use our own experiences.  So, this is where we could use your help!

Whether you’ve only been to camp for one summer or have been coming to Camp Longridge for years, we would love to hear how your time here impacted you so we can share it with others! Please click here to take a quick survey that will allow us to know about your experiences at Camp Longridge and can be used in future posts. All answers will be read thoroughly and may be featured in these upcoming posts. And, don't worry! We will contact you asking for permission to use your name in anything we publish.

Thank you so much for continuing to support Camp Longridge through your prayers.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you back at camp soon!



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