What needs to be done prior to our booked retreat?

What do we need to do upon departure?

Is there anyone to help me if I need assistance during the retreat?

What do we need to bring for lodging?

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which meeting room(s) will be available to our group? 

A. Meeting rooms are assigned based on group size and the needs of the group. 


Q. Will we need to setup our meeting room(s)? 

A. Please be prepared to setup chairs and tables for your event. All primary meeting rooms are 

equipped with a screen and projector. Some meeting spaces have additional a/v equipment. 



Q. What do we need to bring for housing? 

A. Guests should bring pillows and linens and blankets for bunk beds, bath towels, and toiletries. 


Q. Will there be other groups onsite with us? If so, how will this affect my group’s retreat? 

A. Camp Longridge often hosts multiple groups at a time. We will work to ensure that each lodging and meeting space is reserved for one group at a time. Multiple groups may eat or be at the lake together, particularly during afternoon times. 



Q.Is there anyone to help me if I need assistance during the retreat? 

A. Camp Longridge staff is on-site at all times and available to help when groups are present. 


Q. What do we do in case of an accident or emergency? 

A. Please notify the office when incidents or emergencies occur that require medical treatment. 

When necessary, the group leader may be required to complete an incident report. 


Q. Do we need to bring medical staff with us? 

A. There is an EMS station two miles from our camp in case of an emergency. However, groups 

should bring appropriate staff and resources to handle any needs of the group. 


Q. What are the rules for water activities? 

A. Water activities including water entry and canoeing are limited to a scheduled time when a 

certified lifeguard is on duty. Life jackets are required for all lake activities outside of designated 

swimming area. Beach towels are not provided. 


Q. Do you rent Golf Carts? 

A. No. However, you are welcome to bring your own golf cart or have a rental company deliver and pick up a golf cart for the length of your retreat.



Q. Will I be able to use my cell phone while at Camp Longridge? 

A. Cell phone service is very limited so do not rely on cell phone service for incoming/outgoing calls. Our office phone is available in case of an emergency. 


Q. Am I allowed to bring my pet? 

A. No we do not allow pets on the property. Only trained assistance dogs are allowed for the 

purpose of aiding a guest in need. 



Q. What is the dress code? 

A. Comfortable clothes, conservative swimwear, shoes while walking grounds and closed-toed 

 shoes for challenge course/climbing wall are required. 



Q. What do we need to do upon arrival? 

A. Group leader will need to check-in at office, submit participant release forms for anyone who will be participating in paintball and/or the challenge course (high ropes & climbing wall). 


Q.What time is check-in? 

A. Your check-in time will be determined by your first meal. 

• First meal is Breakfast – 7:00am check-in 

• First meal is Lunch – 11:00am check-in 

• First meal is Dinner – 5:00 pm check-in 



Q. When do I make final payment? 

A. You will need to pay the remaining balance/final payment before departure. 


Q. What time is checkout? 

A. Your checkout time will be determined by your final meal. 

• Last meal is Breakfast – 11:00am check-out 

• Last meal is Lunch – 2:00pm check-out 

• Last meal is Dinner – 7:00 pm check-out 


Please keep in mind that these are our standard check-in/check-out times unless prior arrangements have been made with Camp Longridge Office Staff. 




Q.What do we need to do upon departure? 

A. For Cabins and Lodge rooms: 

• Pick up all trash & place garbage bag outside of cabin/lodge door 

• Clean bathroom areas 

• Sweep floors and vacuum carpet 

• Sweep porch area 


For Grounds

• Pick up all trash & place into trash bins 


For Meeting Area

• Pick up all trash & place into trash bins 

• Return chairs and tables to original location

Camp Longridge  P.O. Box 220  Ridgeway, SC  29130  (803) 337-2082