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Amphitheaters, Roofing, & Cabins - Oh my!

Generous donations are the backbone of a nonprofit organization. Whether it is a monetary gift or the contribution of an entire project, all help to make the organization better and fulfill its mission. And we are one of these fortunate nonprofits that are blessed with generous members of our camp family!

After everything that occurred this year, we have been blessed with the continued support of donors to better the camp with various projects. With the cancellation of summer camp, we refocused our energy into these projects that improved multiple areas of camp. These projects included finishing our lakeside amphitheater with a fresh lawn of sod and cabin renovations with installing new roofs and a full bathroom remodel in cabin four (with more cabins soon to follow!).

With each board nailed down, sod square laid, and shingle placed, we have seen the Lord’s hand over improvements to our grounds and facilities. Before our eyes, different areas of Camp Longridge are transforming for the better. As a friend of camp said, “another transformed space at Camp Longridge is ready to be used to point people to Jesus!

Please join us in praising God for His continued blessing of Camp Longridge as new spaces are transformed to be used by Him! If you are interested in coming alongside us as we continue to transform Camp Longridge, you can donate by clicking here or giving us a call at 803.337.2082.



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