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Our Response to COVID-19

Update - April 15th

We are so excited that our first day of Kids Week One is in just sixty days!  As per our previous two updates, we are releasing our current plan for camper health and safety.  We are continuing to closely monitor the global health situation and will adapt the protocols as necessary.  However, below are the policies that we will be instituting for Summer 2021.


1. Check-in Procedure
All campers arriving as individuals will do an in-car check-in with a drive-thru format that includes a health screening, registration, medication drop off, and cabin assignment.  We will be emailing a thirty day email that will include a Pre-Screening Form that will need to be filled out and brought to camp as part of the check-in process.  Please be on the lookout for that form in one month in an email that will be sent out to registered campers.  Campers arriving in group transportation (i.e. van or bus) will have group leaders as the point of contact for check-in before arrival to Camp Longridge.


2. Sanitizing
Camp Longridge staff will be exceeding the CDC regulations for cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, cabins, the dining hall, and other public areas around camp.  High touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly as well.


3. Hand Hygiene and Health
Effective hand washing with soap and water or sanitizer will occur several times throughout the day and before each meal.  We will highly encourage that hands be kept away from mouth, noses, and eyes and coughs/sneezes are covered with an elbow.


4. Cohorts
Campers this year will be participating in all camp activities (e.g. activity classes, meals) with those in their cabin throughout the week.  They will adhere to social distancing guidelines when in proximity to other groups.  For meals, specifically, we will be staggering campers entering into the dining hall to ensure social distancing is established for cohorts and eating will occur within these cohorts.


5. Face Masks
We will be encouraging people to wear masks indoors (except while eating, drinking, or sleeping) during multi-cohort events.  Face masks will be worn by every staffer, and are highly recommended for all other people, during Check-In and Check-Out activities.


6. Protocols for Containment
Procedures have been established for any camper or staffer who show signs of infection.  This will include communication to parents/guardians and arrangement for immediate pick up from camp.  Until such arrangements can be made, the affected person will be isolated from others.


Our continued prayer is to provide an environment for God to do an incredible work in the hearts and lives of everyone entering our gates. We also continue to pray for the health and safety for every camper attending this summer.


We hope that these protocols will keep you well informed of all steps being made here at Camp Longridge for our campers and will ignite the excitement for Summer 2021 like it has for us as a full-time staff.

Update - February 24th

Recently, we have been receiving inquiries regarding our current plan for camper health and safety for this summer.  Due to the ever changing nature of the protocols, we are going to release a detailed plan for our procedures within sixty days of the first day of camp as we have said in our previous statement above.  However!  We have made some decisions and are releasing those protocols so that you are aware of our current policies and can share with fellow parents and/or students.  You can find those below!

Limited Capacity.png
Mask Wearing.png
Cleaning Procedures.png
Introducing Cohorts.png

Update - December 14th

Camp Longridge exists to spread the Gospel of Christ through selfless service, innovative programming, and intentional relationships.  When we wrote this mission several years ago, we prayed that our ministry would reflect this in every facet of camp life.  With COVID-19, this has not changed.  As we’ve adapted to living in this new normal and have the most effective ministry possible, we have taken enhanced health and safety measures to ensure we are able to fulfill our mission as fun and safe as possible.


First and foremost, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it progresses.  In accordance with state and federal guidelines, we are adapting our policies of cleanliness and sanitation to go above and beyond the CDC regulations.  We will continue this level of sanitation and cleanliness through the summer months as a way to lower the risk of exposure.


Because camp is still several months away, we do not yet have definitive plans for social distancing and mask requirements.  But be assured that we are not taking either of these lightly.  We are staying on top of any new regulations that the state of South Carolina puts out and will be adhering to their mandates.  Please know we highly value the safety of all who come on our property and will do our very best to keep the risk of exposure as low as possible.


We at Camp Longridge value you and our desire is to continually work with you through this process.  We know that in this time of uncertainty, a major factor in decision making is the financial commitment required for camp.  We want to assure you that we completely understand and will work with you regarding deposits.  We are making a full commitment that all deposits are fully refundable in the event of cancellation in COVID-19 related circumstances.


With summer camp beginning in six months, we will be closely monitoring the global situation and adapting a COVID-19 Protocol that is applicable to what the situation will reflect at that point in time.  We will be releasing this protocol to you within sixty days of your start date at camp.


Until then, please know that we are excitedly preparing for your arrival this summer and cannot wait to dive into the summer of 2021 and learn what it means to Live Courageously!

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