I was just wondering...?


Q. By what date do I have to apply?

A. All applicants must apply by March 14.


Q. What will my responsibilities be?

A. There are a wide variety of opportunities to serve at Camp Longridge. We need counselors, lifeguards, ropes course personnel, game coordinators, art and worship talents, lawn maintenence, kitchen help, etc.


Q. How many weeks will I work?

A. In general, staff work 9-10 weeks during the summer. These weeks include training, programmed summer camps, and facilitating weeks when churches rent out the facilities here at Camp Longridge.


Q. Will I have any down time?

A. Staff will have some weekends off. Some staff will have the opportunity to work some of our weekend retreats for extra pay. You will be notified of all required dates before you sign a contract.


During the week, you are responsible for campers 24/7. There is very little if any down time. Please consider this reality as you prepare to apply.


Q.  What kind of staff member are we looking for?


  • Applicants that have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Applicants that have a passion for missions

  • Applicants that put students/children first

  • Applicants that can be flexible

  • Applicants that want to try/learn new things


Q. What are the benefits of working at Camp Longridge?


  • $100-$170 per week depending on experience and position

  • Room and board provided including weekends

  • Staff Trip

  • New friendships


Q. Where is Camp Longridge?

A. Camp Longridge is located in Ridgeway, SC about 30 minutes north of Columbia, SC.


Q. How do I get to and from camp?

A. All staff are responsible for their transportation to and from camp. If you are flying here we can work     with you to arrange pickup.


* If driving we will pay mileage at .20 cent per mile for one roundtrip


Summer Staff FAQ

Camp Longridge  P.O. Box 220  Ridgeway, SC  29130  (803) 337-2082